Friday, October 23, 2009

Can I get some assistance, please? Part II

Sometimes all that we can offer people in need is our attention. As the economy continues to limp along, every program that serves those in need is feeling the increased demand. Sometimes the resources to help are simply not available.

Today, was not one of those days in my office. Yesterday, I wasn't sure that the $575 mountain I had to climb could be successfully scaled. I guess I didn't have adequate faith. Tonight, the family that was perched on the edge of homelessness yesterday is secure in their apartment for a little while longer.

I put out the call this morning. Through facebook and email I told the story of the family and people responded. Between my own church, and the Pastor of a UCC church that is close by, and individuals from my church and others - we reached out goal.

My plea for assistance was answered in this case. What I heard from those responding is that the funds have been emptied, or overdrawn. The barrel is being scraped. The next time I may not be so fortunate.

Secular and government agencies that respond to people in crisis are also out of money - until November at least, and in some cases until the beginning of the new calendar year. The family we helped today is one of too many. Way too many.

The next time, all I may have to give is my attention.

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